Sarah Chesney caravan renovation inspo.J


Sarah and her family purchased their Chesney for a good price which left the room in their budget for a beautiful renovation.

This is a perfect example of customer driven design and vision!  It was our job to deliver that vision within her budget.

We removed all interior cabinetry and replaced any damaged wall and ceiling sheets. After a full spray out in elusive white in semi gloss the custom fit out began. 

First we layed a waterproof vinyl floor throughout then built great sized bunk beds for the kiddoes. With enough space created in the bunk to fit the amazing Truma "underbunk" ducted air conditioner they are cool in summer and warm in winter, all year adventurers!

Custom made kitchen cabinetry with VJ doors and black fittings, custom bed with storage and a custom fold down table to maximise floor space for those rainy days. 

We were even envious of this caravan!


Check out Sarah's progress pics start to finish


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