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Jodie Viscount caravan classic renovatio


I have to say, we really like Jodie and Will. They are a young, hard working aussie couple with two young children. They wanted a nice van to spend as much time as possible with their family making memories.  

They had a tight budget and we really wanted to give them as much as we possibly could within that budget to turn their van into something they would be proud of and use for years to come.

We removed damaged interior cabinetry and sheeting, layed a new vinyl floor,rebuilt their bed and lounge to increase storage and gave her a full makeover.

She also received a beautiful two tone exterior respray in two pack paint.

Their appreciation was overwhelming and they are so deserving of a van like this.

Jodie and Will's Viscount Complete Renovation: News
Jodie and Will's Viscount Complete Renovation: Gallery
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